Who is Sadie Sink dating? Her secretive love life detailed

Stranger Things elevated some relatively unknown actors to global superstardom, including the supremely talented Sadie Sink. Sadie plays a cool skateboarding girl named Max Mayfield in the Netflix series. She’s also played Ziggy Berman in Fear Street Part Two and Part Three, cementing her status as a thriller production specialist. 

Sadie has also collaborated with pop star Taylor Swift as the lead in the singer’s short film for All Too Well. Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink star as a romantic couple whose tumultuous relationship eventually falls apart. 

As far as we can tell, Sadie Sink enjoys a low-key dating life, unlike the one she depicts in the short film. 

Sadie Sink is single or in a secretive relationship

Sadie Sink is single – she hasn’t spoken about being in a relationship in interviews or on social media. 

Sink might also be in a secretive relationship that she’d rather not share with the world. However, we have no evidence to support this claim. 

Sink was linked to Patrick Alwyn after the pair were spotted hanging out

Rumors about a relationship between Patrick Alwyn and Sadie Sink sparked after people spotted the pair hanging out in New York City. 

The photos, which weren’t romantic in any way, sparked rumors that the pair were dating. Reports about a relationship between the pair recur every couple of months despite there being no other evidence of the alleged romance.

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