Top 6 True Crime Documentaries on ESPN Plus

ESPN Plus, renowned for its sports-centric content, has ventured into the realm of true crime documentaries, offering viewers a gripping and immersive experience beyond the world of sports. From scandalous affairs to high-stakes investigations, ESPN Plus has curated a collection of true crime documentaries that delve into the depths of real-life mysteries. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top six true crime documentaries on ESPN Plus in South Africa and many other regions, inviting viewers to unravel the fascinating stories that captivate both sports enthusiasts and true crime aficionados.

“O.J.: Made in America” (2016):

Directed by Ezra Edelman, “O.J.: Made in America” is an epic documentary that goes beyond the infamous murder trial of O.J. Simpson. This five-part series provides a comprehensive exploration of race, celebrity, and the justice system in America. With archival footage, interviews, and in-depth analysis, the documentary unfolds the complex narrative of O.J. Simpson’s life, the trial, and its enduring impact on society.

“Lance” (2020):

“Lance” is a revealing documentary that explores the rise and fall of cycling champion Lance Armstrong. Directed by Marina Zenovich, the two-part series delves into Armstrong’s unprecedented success, his battle with cancer, and the doping scandal that led to his downfall. Through candid interviews and a nuanced portrayal, “Lance” offers a compelling look at the complexities of sportsmanship, fame, and the pursuit of excellence.

“Long Gone Summer” (2020):

Directed by AJ Schnack, “Long Gone Summer” revisits the historic 1998 Major League Baseball season, marked by the intense race between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa to break the single-season home run record. While celebrating the thrilling competition, the documentary also scrutinizes the era’s doping controversies and the impact on the integrity of the sport. “Long Gone Summer” invites viewers to reflect on the highs and lows of a defining moment in baseball history.

“Fantastic Lies” (2016):

Directed by Marina Zenovich, “Fantastic Lies” examines the Duke University lacrosse scandal that unfolded in 2006. The documentary meticulously details the events surrounding the allegations of sexual assault against members of the lacrosse team and the subsequent legal proceedings. “Fantastic Lies” explores themes of media sensationalism, race, and the consequences of rushed judgment in a riveting narrative that raises important questions about justice.

“The Last Dance” (2020):

While primarily known as a sports documentary, “The Last Dance” also delves into the intense world of competition and the impact it can have on individuals. Directed by Jason Hehir, this ten-part series chronicles the final season of Michael Jordan with the Chicago Bulls. The documentary offers insights into Jordan’s legendary career, the dynamics of team sports, and the sacrifices made for success. The intertwining of personal narratives and the competitive spirit makes “The Last Dance” a captivating exploration beyond the basketball court.

“The Two Escobars” (2010):

Directed by Jeff Zimbalist and Michael Zimbalist, “The Two Escobars” is a riveting documentary that intertwines the worlds of soccer and crime. The film explores the intertwined stories of soccer player Andrés Escobar and drug lord Pablo Escobar in Colombia during the 1980s and 1990s. The documentary delves into the connections between the rise of Colombian soccer and the influence of drug cartels, providing a thought-provoking examination of the complex relationship between sports and societal issues.


ESPN Plus, known primarily for its sports programming, has successfully ventured into the world of true crime documentaries, offering viewers a diverse range of compelling narratives. From the high-profile trials of O.J. Simpson to the doping scandals in cycling and the controversial moments in baseball, the true crime documentaries on ESPN Plus provide a nuanced exploration of real-life events that transcend the boundaries of sports. These documentaries not only entertain but also provoke thought, raising important questions about ethics, justice, and the impact of sports on society.

As ESPN Plus continues to expand its content offerings, the inclusion of true crime documentaries adds depth to its catalog, appealing to a broader audience with an appetite for engaging storytelling and real-life drama. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or a true crime buff, these documentaries on ESPN Plus offer a unique blend of genres, inviting viewers to explore the fascinating intersection of sports and real-world events. So, grab your popcorn and immerse yourself in the captivating stories that await on ESPN Plus.

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