Is Sydney Sweeney Gay? A look at her sexuality and dating life

Sydney Sweeney has added more fans to her already massive fan base by playing a starring role in Euphoria season two. Sweeney’s career has grown in leaps and bounds since her casting in Heroes in 2009. 2018 proved to be a momentous year for Sweeney as she appeared in The Handmaid’s Tale and Everything Sucks!

Sweeney is much more secretive about her private life than her Euphoria castmates. The little we know about her love life has come from paparazzi and clues she lives on her social media. 

Sydney has given hints that she might be bisexual

Fans were not happy to learn that Sydney Sweeney was not gay. Some were happy for her, while others lamented that their favorite star wasn’t gay. 

Sydney responded to one of those fan tweets by posting a Twitter photo with an unknown girl. She captioned the post: “Baby girl go have a feast. Your girl at prom.”

The tweet sent fans into a frenzy as many interpreted it as a confession that Sydney also likes girls. 

Sydney has dated businessman Jonathan Davino since 2018

Sydney Sweeny and businessman Jonathan Davino have dated since 2018. They’d been spotted together for a couple of years but only confirmed their relationship in 2020. She’d previously told Elite Daily that Jonathan was ‘a friend.’ 

Paparazzi spotted the couple engaging in serious PDA on the beaches of Hawaii in 2020, confirming that they are a couple. Davino is a restaurateur and heir to the pizza company Pompei. 

Jonathan doesn’t appear on Sydney’s social media posts as Sweeney has avoided sharing her life on the internet. 

Her decision to stay secret came after online bullies referred to her as ugly, affecting her mental health. Sweeney responded via a tearful Instagram Livestream, in which she pleaded with netizens to be kind. 

“I think it’s really important for people to see how words actually affect people,” Sydney said. “I know everyone says you can’t read things, you shouldn’t read things, but I’m a fucking person.”

Sweeney was once linked to Brad Pitt

Rumors claim that Brad Pitt and Sydney Sweeney spent a lot of time together on the set of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. Pitt had previously expressed his intention to work with Sweeney. 

“She [Sweeney] absolutely made an impression on him during their time together on the movie, and he’s been sweet on her ever since,” a source told Radar Online

Rumors of a potential relationship between the pair died down after her romance with Jonathan Davino surfaced.

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