Who is Peyton List’s Boyfriend? A closer look at Peyton’s Dating life

Peyton List has come a long way since her 2008 appearance on 27 Dresses. Three years later, she gained recognition and a Young Artist Award for playing Holly Hills in Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Holly Hollis proved to be List’s breakout role as she went on to appear in multiple films and television shows. 

List’s currently playing Tory Nichols in Netflix’s uber-successful show Cobra Kai. She played a recurring role in seasons 2 and 3 and became a series lead in season 4. 

Peyton has starred on our screens for more than a decade but has offered precious little about her dating life. This piece explores Peyton List’s secretive dating life. 

Peyton is rumored to be dating Cobra Kai co-star Jacob Bertrand

Peyton sparked rumors that she was dating Jacob Bertrand when she told fans that Hawk is her favorite Cobra Kai character. Jacob plays Hawk in the show. 

“Hawk. Hawk is my favorite character in Cobra Kai,” List said in the viral TikTok video

Fans interpreted her side-eye in the film as evidence that Jacob was in the room as List recorded the video. 

Peyton and List haven’t confirmed a relationship, but they share a close bond. In April 2021, Jacob wished List a happy birthday via the following Instagram caption:

“Happy Birthday Lists! I didn’t have a nice picture with Spencer so here’s him devouring Peyton’s banana foster thing. The other is just Peyton looking cute and I happen to be in the background.”

List dated Cameron Monaghan for two years after the couple met on set

Peyton and her ex-boyfriend, Cameron Monaghan, met on the set of Anthem of a Teenage Prophet in 2017. List told Build Series that the cast got close before Peyton and Cameron acknowledged their feelings for each other:

“The whole cast, we all shared a trailer and were all in the same hotel. It was a small town, two and a half hours away from Vancouver, so we all really got to know each other and all became so close. And then sort of in the middle of it, Cameron and I started realizing that we liked each other and started dating after.”

List gushed about dating a partner who understood the demanding schedules of the acting industry. 

The pair broke up in January 2019. Cameron confirmed the news via a Twitter caption saying:

“Hey @PeytonList, figured now was as good a time as any to post this. The video was taken on the set of Anthem about two days after we started dating. I was obviously smitten. Thanks for sharing nearly two amazing years together. Love you and wish you the best.”

Peyton once entangled herself in a love triangle

Few willingly join love triangles, but Peyton List is an exception. List told People that the idea of a love triangle fascinated her after reading Twilight. “Two guys are fighting over you, and I feel like when I was growing up, I was like ‘Dang, I gotta be playing the field.’” List said. 

List created her love triangle, and as is usually the case, it didn’t end well. However, she enjoyed the drama:

“I definitely feel like I made a love triangle for myself that ended horribly. I remember it, and I was too scared to even kiss anyone at the time because I was a kid. I was definitely that horrible kid that loved the drama of it.”

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