Is Miles Teller gay? His sexuality and love life

Miles Teller received plaudits for his recent hosting of Saturday Night Live. Teller’s self-deprecating monologue featured a joke about Top Gun: Maverick, which he stars in and has grossed over $700 million during its theatrical run, being a hit with the military and gay communities. Teller joked:

“One of the things that I loved about the movie is it really seemed to bring people together. I mean, it’s not every day you get a movie that’s loved by the military community and the gay community.”

Miles Teller is not gay. He’s been in a relationship with Keleigh Sperry Teller since 2013. 

Miles once said that he couldn’t tongue-kiss a man on screen

After appearing in 21 & Over, Miles Teller told Metro that he was comfortable with most things in the film except the part that required him to kiss another guy. He said:

“The [guy-on-guy] kissing scene was something I tried to get rid of for a while. I was literally like pretty upset about that. And then we did it and it was just like CPR.”

When the reporter asked what was wrong with the guy kiss scene, Miles said he did it for comedy but refused to tongue-kiss another guy. “They wanted me to use the tongue and I said, ‘Nope. It’s not that funny, man,’” Teller added. It’s unclear whether Miles’ attitude to kissing men on screen has changed.

Teller and Keleigh Sperry celebrated their third wedding anniversary in September 2022

Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry met in May 2013 at a party for the Black Keys. Teller told Vogue that he didn’t make the best first impression:

“Keleigh had caught my eye early in the night, and we talked. I didn’t think it went well, but after a few more attempts, I got her to dance with me, and a week later, we went on a date. After we met, I knew she was The One.”

Keleigh, a model, told the outlet that Teller was charming and charismatic. “I adored him from the first moment we met,” she said. 

The pair dated for nearly six years before Miles proposed during a safari in Africa. In September 2019, the couple tied the knot in a ceremony held in Hawaii, a special place for Keleigh and her family. Keleigh told Vogue:

“Miles started joining us on vacations, and we fell in love with it together. We both felt happiest there and wanted it to be a big part of our lives forever.”

Teller told Men’s Health that life became a lot less stressful when the couple wed. He explained:

“We have a lot of friends whose relationships got put under a magnifying glass during these times, but we are really great. Once you get married and you make that ultimate commitment, life is just a lot less stressful. You just know that person is always going to be there.”

Sperry and Teller celebrated their third wedding anniversary in early September 2022. “Happy anniversary my love,” Keleigh captioned a series of Instagram photos. 

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