Finding The Perfect Capacity: Best Portable Power Station For Camping

Camping is a fun activity that is enjoyed across the USA. Every summer, individuals, groups, and families head to the mountains to experience nature and capture unforgettable moments. When planning such trips, you must ensure the best portable power station is on your equipment list.

But how do you determine the best portable power station? It is by selecting the suitable capacity. The choice of capacity affects the convenience and performance of camping electronics. For example, suppose you have a complete camper with cooking equipment and electrical gadgets. In that case, you need the best portable power station that can deliver adequate power to run all of them without exhaustion. It can be a huge inconvenience if your power station runs out of juice when you are still in huge demand.

This guide will show you how to find the perfect capacity. Also, we will share some of Jackery’s solutions for various camping needs. Keep reading.

Understanding Power Station Capacity

Capacity is one of the terms you will come across when looking for the best portable power station. Knowing what it means and how to measure it is essential because capacity determines your experience with your power station.

In simple terms, capacity means how much electricity a generator can produce when running on full blast. It’s the maximum power the generator can give when you have connected everything to it.

Capacity is measured in megawatts (MW) or kilowatts. It helps the users to know the size of electricity load their generator can handle.

The best portable power stations will have capacity shown somewhere on the front or at the back. It’s one of the leading features power generator manufacturers use to sell their products. However, it’s not the only term you will meet when determining your power needs. You also need to determine watt-hours and the number of devices.

The relationship between capacity and watt-hour can never be ignored. Watt-hour is a unit that is used to measure energy ( the total sum of power consumed over time). It is another way of measuring capacity.

Remember that capacity is the amount of charge stored in a power station. When calculating it, we normally use one hour. Watts measures the power rate at a specific moment in time, while watt-hours measure the amount of power in a particular period.

The number of devices you have plays a significant role in determining capacity. Also, known as the load, you need to know how much power each device consumes and get the sum for all your devices. This gives you the minimum capacity to pick the best portable power station.

Assessing Your Camping Power Requirements

Choosing the best portable power station for camping can be overwhelming for beginners. But you can always make things easy if you understand your needs and how to calculate how many watt-hours you need.

  • Understanding the Devices Your Camping Needs

The first step is understanding your needs. That is, you need to choose the specific devices you want to power with your generator and set up a rough estimate of how long you want the generator to provide that energy.

It is best to pick only devices that you can easily plug into the power station. Appliances like water heaters are often hardwired into homes, making it hard to power with a portable station. You can use a portable water heater, though.

Here are some of the common devices that campers carry:

  • Lights
  • Fans
  • Refrigerators
  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Hairdryers
  • Entertainment systems

So, the more devices you carry, the more capacity you will require for your device. You can then choose the best portable power station that is strong enough to provide that energy.

  • How To Calculate The Total Watt-Hours Needed For A Camping Trip

Now that you know what you want to power, you must determine how much energy these devices will require. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Determine How Many Watts the Devices will Need to Run

The first and perhaps most important step is knowing how many watts each device will need to run. You can find this number somewhere on some devices. But for those devices that are not indicated, you can multiply its amps with voltage to convert into watts.

Thus, W = A x V.

Now that you know the watts that device will require, it’s time to pick how many hours you wish to use that device. It is crucial to establish the hours since it helps you to calculate capacity easily. Multiply that number of hours by the watts of each device, and you will have the total watt-hours you need to run each item.

Thus: Total estimated Use (in hours) x Appliance Wattage = Watt-hours.

Wh = W x H

Let’s say, for example, you want to power 3 50-watt light bulbs, each for three hours. You can find out the watt-hours using the following method:

Get total hours by multiplying three hours of power by 3 bulbs; 3 x 3 = 9h.

Next, calculate the total wattage: 3 (light bulbs) x 50 (watts) = 150w.

Now, multiply the number of hours with the total wattage to get the watt-hours: (9×150)=1350Wh.

To find the exact power consumption, divide your answer by 0.85. This accounts for the constant energy consumption rate of 85% in the charge state.

1350 x 0.85 = 1147.5Wh

This means you need a power station that can provide at least 1147.5 Wh to meet your goal of powering three 50-watt bulbs, each for three hours.

  • Find the Sum of all Watt-hours

The above calculation is only for the light bulbs. We have used larger watts bulbs, but there are smaller bulbs that consume less than 10 watts, which are perfect for camping. You need to use the method above to calculate the energy consumption needs for all other devices you have.

Next, add all the answers together, giving you the total amount of Wh you will need the power station to provide. You can then use this figure to buy the right power station.

For example, you need 200 Wh for the lights, 300 Wh for the smartphones, and 250Wh for the laptop. The total Wh requirement for this setup will be 200+300+250= 750Wh.

  • Choose Your Best Portable Power Station

Until now, you have all the information you need to pick the best portable battery power station. Now, it’s time to select that station. Jackery has a wide collection of products to meet all these needs. Use the 750Wh answers in the step above to compare with the available power stations and choose one that has a higher wattage than this. For example, a 1000W portable power station should be enough to satisfy your needs.

Jackery’s Portable Power Stations with Different Capacity

When looking for the best portable power station, it is incredibly crucial to consider the brand. We recommend Jackery’s best portable power stations because it’s a global leader in the solar energy industry. The company has a wide range of portable power stations for different campers.

This includes:

  • For Weekend Warriors

Weekend worriers are campers who want to go off-grid and escape the city for the whole weekend. This means setting up the camp van with every piece of equipment required to provide an exclusive experience.

One of the main goals of a weekend worrier is to get in touch with nature and rejuvenate their bodies after a long week of hustle in the city. This means taking their everyday life through a whole new experience. Such campers will want a fully equipped camping setup with a reliable power source. They need devices like:

  • Smartphones to stay connected and for emergency communications.
  • Laptops for entertainment, and perhaps those who want to work remotely in a cool environment,
  • Entertainment equipment. One might bring along a projector, music device, and similar items to enjoy with friends.
  • Lights. Low-energy consumption lights are a good addition to your checklist. If you spend Saturday nights in the woods, you might need proper lighting to find your way around the campsite.

A weekend may not require heavy gear. We recommend the best portable power station solution with lower capacities suitable for short trips. The Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Portable Power Station is the best portable power station for such needs.

With a 288Wh capacity, 8.27 lbs weight, multiple outputs for outdoor devices, and four ways to charge, this portable power station performs beyond expectation. It has enough capacity to run several devices on a short trip, offering a clean and quiet operation for the whole weekend. It’s recommended for short camping trips.

  • For Extended Explorers

Campers embarking on longer trips or van life adventures have more power needs. Perhaps you want to spend a whole week at the Great Smoky Mountains campsite and enjoy nature at a great length. Such camp trips may require more devices and, hence, more energy consumption.

Some of the devices to bring along include:

  • Cameras. No one wants to go on a long camping trip and come back without some memories. And taking photos is one of the main ways of keeping such memories alive. Campers carry portable cameras for such.
  • Entertainment equipment. A small TV, projector, and audio system in your RV is a great way to ensure adequate entertainment for you and your friends.
  • Lighting. Campers should never forget lighting gear, no matter how long they are camping.
  • Kitchen appliances. When camping for an extended period, it’s important to consider meals. Hot kettles, mini-coffee machines, and similar items are necessary.

Consider investing in a mid-range portable power station with higher capacities for sustained power. The Jackery Explorer 1000 Plus Portable Power Station is an ideal solution. This quiet generator for camping offers a capacity of 1264Wh and a 2000W output, supporting 99% of your devices.

Besides, it features an expandable capacity, supporting up to 3 add-on battery packs to expand to 5kWh. This gives the user 1 to 3 days of reliable power supply. The long-lasting LiFePO4 battery cells can serve you up to 10 years. With such reliability, you are sure of a constant power supply for every camping season.

  • For Family Campers

The demands of families camping together are slightly higher than the other groups above. Families take this time to bond while experiencing a life outside their comfort zone. They need the best portable power station for the most fantastic experience on such trips.

Family campers come with devices like:

  • Smartphones and laptops. They require power for multiple devices simultaneously, where everyone wants to stay connected.
  • Mini-coolers. You will probably bring along some fresh fruits and drinks. Keeping them cool and fresh is a priority. Hence, a mini-cooler is needed.
  • Electric grill. You may want to have a picnic and a barbecue with your family. An electric grill is required for such.
  • Kitchen appliances. Most family campers want to make their meals together. They use hot plates, electric kettles, and coffee machines for such.  

Since family camping is more demanding, it requires a higher-capacity portable power station. In this case, the Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Portable Power Station is the ideal solution.

The Jackery 2000 Plus Portable Power Station delivers a mega 2kWh – 24kWh expandable capacity. This makes it ideal for off-grid living and powering all your devices. You can add on a battery pack and solar panels when you want an even greater output. It’s this expandability that makes it ideal for versatile scenarios.

Its leaping performance is another feature that makes this the best portable power station for family camping. It powers heavy-duty devices up to 6000W, making it perfect for electric grills, hot plates/kettles, mini-coolers, and much more. You can get this maximum power in parallel connection and 120/240V expandable voltage for guaranteed satisfaction.

The outstanding LiFePO4 battery with a 10-year warranty and ultra-fast solar charging capability ensures reliability. It uses a unique variable-speed charging algorithm and fast charging technology that boosts the battery life by 50%. This solar generator is designed for the most demanding camping situations, including family.


Finding the best portable power station for camping is exceptionally crucial. You want something that gives you enough power for all your devices to meet your camping goals. Capacity is among the primary parameters to consider when determining your power needs.  

Jackery is among the few reliable companies dedicated to offering exclusive solutions catering to different camping conditions. Their generators adopt an intelligent BMS system and pure sine wave inverter, providing 12 layers of protection for all your devices. They feature high-end, powerful batteries to deliver reliable energy for all your needs.

So, once you have calculated your Wh needs and determined how much capacity you will need, contact Jackery for the perfect camping generator. You can also reach out if you have questions or need assistance. They have a friendly, professional, and responsive customer support team that is ready to help you.

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