Best Football Stadiums All Around the World

Football is arguably the most watched sport, globally. The money that goes into this game is astronomical and we see evidence of that in the matches, the players, the atmosphere generated, and the stadiums. Speaking of stadiums, there’s a good bit of football grounds peppered around the world that amass footfall that numbers thousands every year. For those of you, who have their curiosity piqued; fret not, because in this article we’re going to explore the most magnificent pieces of architectural brilliance out there.

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Now, without further ado, let’s check out some football arenas!

Ibrox Stadium (Glasgow, Scotland)

Starting off with one of the legacy stadiums, we have the boxy, yet majestic, Ibrox Stadium situated in pretty Glasgow, Scotland. The arena opened itself for fans and players all the way back in 1899 and has since been revamped multiple times to stay functional as well as aesthetic. It is also home to one of the world’s most famous clubs; Rangers FC.

Sadly, because of the financial crisis looming above the team, they are currently relegated to the lowest spot in Scottish Football.  Despite their slump, fans have been actively pouring into the stadium to support their favorite team. Ibrox is a testament to the Scottish and their love for football.

Juventus Stadium (Turin, Italy)

Home to one of the best teams produced in Italy, the Juventus Stadium opened in 2011 and has a seating capacity of 41, 254. It has the distinction of hosting the 2014 Europa League final, which was a blazing battle between Sevilla and Benfica with the trophy going to the former for a 4-2 win.

Home to the formidable Italian team, Juventus, the stadium has seen accolades such as two Italian scudettos scored by Juventus itself and an impressive league-winning campaign by the home side back in the season of 2012/13.

Anfield (Liverpool, England)

The names Liverpool and Anfield go hand in hand. Having opened its gates for the audience back in 1884, the stadium is just as huge as it is rich with history. Anfield has hosted some of the most legendary matches in history and its legacy continues to this day. The home of Liverpool is a spectacle to experience live as the crowd that it attracts tends to always be a lively bunch; with its chants, hooting, and support for the home team.

The excitement inside the arena makes Anfield reverberate with energy and pulsate to loyal fans singing, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and “Allez, Allez, Allez”. All it takes is one visit to a game inside this stadium to make you a fan. Give it a try.

Signal Iduna Park (Dortmund, Germany)

Borussia Dortmund is the team to have the honor of calling this star-studded stadium, home. It’s also one of the more recent ones on our list, having been constructed in 1974 and since serving as a spectacle of brilliance for Dortmund. Signal Iduna Park is also the largest football stadium in Germany. It makes sense to link Dortmund with such a stadium since the team has been winning back-to-back Bundesliga titles as of late.

Iduna Park is also a sight to see because of Die Gelbe Wand, or more popularly known as the Yellow Wall. The grandstand situated inside the stadium on the south side is also one of Europe’s largest freestanding grandstands, attracting a footfall of about 25k people each year.

Old Trafford (Manchester, England)

If you’re an English fan, chances are that the first stadium you’ve ever fallen in love with is Old Trafford. Home to the infamous Manchester United, Old Trafford opened its gates in the year 1910 and even hosted the 2003 Champions League final. It is truly the “Theatre of Dreams” as it can now seat over 75,000 fans ever since its renovation back in 2006.

The now-retired, Sir Alex Ferguson had a big part to play in promoting the stadium; having led his team Manchester United to accolades and glory for most of his tenure. Even now, with Man U. going through a relatively tumultuous season, Old Trafford sees fans flock to its venue to experience its magic.


That’s a wrap on all we have for you when it comes to world-class stadiums. The aforementioned venues are each special in their own right and we recommend you visit at least one in your lifetime. Every arena has its history, players, and fans that contribute to making it a fantastic hotspot for all that the game of football embodies.

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