Are Lexi and Andrew dating? Everything we know

The interest in Lexi Rivera’s love life never seems to subside. Every post from her features fan inquiries about her dating life; every cryptic love-related post sparks investigations from internet sleuths. However, Rivera refuses to give in: throughout her decade-long social media career, she’s rarely confirmed a relationship. 

Lexi’s latest love-life rumor links her with frequent collaborator Andrew Davila. Andrew is perhaps more secretive than Lexi, which frustrates his followers. The Texan is attractive, and with an ever-expanding social media empire, fans expect him to be more open about his love life. 

Let’s take a closer look at Lexi and Andrew’s relationship. 

Lexi and Andrew have teased being in a relationship but denied being in a relationship

Lexi and Andrew are frequent collaborators. Fans have noted that whenever Lexi posts something with a romantic element, it usually involves Andrew Davila. 

Rumors about the pair blew up after Lexi posted a video titled my ex meets my new boyfriend. In the video, Lexi introduced Andrew to Ben Azelart as her new boyfriend. However, she offered a disclaimer that she and Andrew are ‘really good friends.’

In June 2021, Andrew posted a video featuring Lexi in which the pair seemed to confirm the relationship before retracting their statement. The pair teased:

“We do have some big news to tell you guys. It’s been a long time coming man. So me and Lexi are dating. It’s been about two weeks now and we are super happy, right babe? I love Andrew very much and the landry ship is definitely sailing.”

The couple promised to kiss before saying: “Gotcha guys! Of course, as you guys know, me and Lexi are really good friends and we are not dating. Sorry to all the landry shippers out there.”

Lexi and Andrew remain close and might be dating in secret. Rivera has dated in secret before, so she may be hiding a relationship with Andrew. 

It’s also likely that Rivera is dating something other than Andrew. In late January, Lexi posted photos inside a hotel in Paris. As her brother Brent Rivera pointed out, the foreground featured a champagne bottle with two champagne glasses. 

Was Lexi on a date in the City of Love? We can’t wait to find out. 

Rivera dated Ben Azelart inconsistently before the couple broke up for good

Lexi and Ben Azelart started dating in 2017. However, we learned of the relationship in November 2020 via the couple’s breakup video (see what we mean about Lexi dating in secret).

The couple showered praise on each other before saying that they had a confusing on and off relationship. Ben revealed that the online nature of their relationship burdened them at a crucial point in their lives. He explained:

“Having a relationship online is a completely different story. It was very confusing for us and honestly, it wasn’t easy, being young like we were when this all started. We went through some of the most changing years of our lives – we went from teenagers to adults. As the years went on it got a little too complicated and a little confusing.”

Ben left the door open for a possible rekindling of their relationship. “This isn’t just a forever thing, I’d say,” Azelart said

Azelart and Lexi remain friends, and it’s conceivable that they might get back together. Azelart’s relationship with Lexi’s mother, Laura, gives him a head start over other potential suitors. “Ben holds a special place in my heart because you guys dated for a long time,” Laura said. 

Davila has never addressed his love on social media

Davila is super secretive about his love life; he’s never publicly confirmed a relationship. Or, he’s never been in a relationship – which is a little hard to believe. 

Andrew’s friends at AwesomenessTV tried to find him a girlfriend by organizing a speed dating competition featuring six girls. Davila chose an LA girl named Alexis, but it’s unlikely that he pursued a relationship with her. 

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