7 Empowering Gift Ideas for Women in the Workplace

Is there a woman you want to recognize in your workplace for her achievements? You’ll want to get her a gift to show that you value her contributions. It’s an excellent way to show your appreciation.

Do you want some empowering gift ideas for women in the workplace? Make sure to keep reading; everything you need to know is below. 

1. Career Development Opportunities

First, you can offer her some quality professional development opportunities. She’ll feel valued knowing that you want to invest time into her furthering her career. There are several ways that you can do this.

A professional development book would be a great place to start if you want to give her a physical gift. You could write a meaningful note on the book’s inside cover, showing her that you care about her contributions. If you want it to be more empowering, consider adding some feminist quotes to inspire her.

Another option would be a professional online course subscription. If interested, the employee could enroll in a virtual class that helps her build her skills for her career path. Online classes will make her feel empowered and appreciated.

Plus, providing workers with virtual learning opportunities can benefit the company. It increases retention rates, teaches employees skills they need to be promoted from within, and saves the company money.

Career coaching, conferences, and professional workshops are more options. They all can empower women in the workplace by allowing them to develop their careers. Overall, professional development is one of the first things you should consider for a workplace gift.

2. Personalized Corporate Gifts

Next, you’ll want to consider getting her a personalized corporate gift. If you search “corporate gifts Singapore” online, you’ll see plenty of good, empowering choices. Customized gifts like these can make your employees feel more valued and recognized. You can also tailor them to the individual, which is more empowering.

Some personalized gifts to consider include:

  • Nameplates
  • Mugs
  • Mousepads
  • Notebooks
  • Engraved water bottles
  • Engraved pens
  • Business card holders
  • Custom Bluetooth speakers or headsets
  • Printed T-shirts
  • Embroidered shirts and jackets
  • Engraved USB drives

You can customize any corporate gift with empowering quotes, so think carefully about what you want it to say. Including your company logo can also create a sense of community and teamwork among your employees.

3. Motivational Prints

Posters and art prints are perfect for an empowering gift. You’ll want to choose one that includes inspiring quotes and artwork. She can hang it in her workspace, making her feel empowered daily. 

Consider checking out local artists and print shops. They can create truly stunning works that will be even more meaningful to your recipient. You can also have posters printed with images of her and her team or use a memorable image like a milestone from her career. 

4. Gourmet or Personalized Gift Baskets

Next, consider getting her a gourmet gift basket. Many people love receiving delicious snacks for their hard work. You could have it delivered to her desk with flowers or a motivational message to make her feel recognized and empowered.

Some great gift basket ideas include high-quality chocolates, fruits, meat and cheese, and wine. You’ll want to choose a gift basket theme tailored to the recipient, so spend time learning about her and her interests. 

Another idea would be to create a book basket. You can include professional development, motivational, and empowering books. Add some teas or coffee, snacks, and a motivational mug to the basket to make it more memorable. You could also include some gift cards for stores and restaurants she likes.

No matter what you decide, you’ll want to add a personalized message to the basket. Ensure that you let her know that you see what she does and appreciate her. Being recognized for what we do can be incredibly empowering to many people.

5. Customized Trophies, Certificates, and Awards

Trophies, medals, and other awards engraved with your recipient’s name and their accomplishments can be highly motivating. Certificates recognizing their work achievements can also be good options.

Encourage your recipients to set the custom awards out in their workspace. They’ll see them and be reminded of how far they’ve come, keeping them inspired and motivated. Many feel that custom awards are symbolic and carry memories from essential milestones.

You’ll want to commit to designing all custom awards to be as high-quality as possible to demonstrate that your company sees what work your employees do. Make sure to include branded logos and other elements to establish a connection between the award, your company, and the employee to make it more empowering.

In short, you can offer customized trophies and awards to the women in your workplace when they accomplish essential tasks. 

6. Engraved Leather Portfolio or Binder

You can give a quality engraved leather portfolio to your workers. You can engrave any design, including their name or company logo. Personalized leather portfolios are a great way to empower someone at work. They can use them to organize their essential files, and the designs on the outer cover can be empowering. 

If you decide to do this, you can include a few sheets full of motivational quotes or personalized notes. Having the employee’s team sign the notes with their own messages can also be meaningful.

7. Positive Affirmation Cards

Lastly, you can write your own positive affirmation cards for the women at your work. Put the cards in a decorated box to make it look more professional. These affirmations should motivate and empower her on her career journey.

Writing the affirmation cards yourself can make them much more meaningful to the recipient. There are plenty of different quotes that you can use.

Overall, positive affirmations can help boost self-esteem at work, making these cards very empowering. You’ll want to encourage your team to read the cards whenever they need inspiration or a boost during the workday.

Choose Empowering Gifts for Women in the Workplace

To summarize, there are so many empowering gifts that you can give to the women in your workplace. Choosing one of the above options would be a great way to inspire and encourage them to keep thriving in the workplace.

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